Bread and bakery waste

The waste of the bread and bakery industry have different uses. Among them, the transformation in biopolymers for packaging.

Metal dust

Metal dust is a very common waste in some industries.In the present case we can upcycle it to produce elevator counterweights.

Cork caps

Cork caps are very usual in our daily lives and, although they generally end up in the wastebin, there are better uses for them.

Coffee grounds

Be it at our homes or in cafes and restaurants we generate a huge amount of coffee grounds on a daily basis that can be put to good use.

Residual heat

It is very usual in industries to generate currents with high heating or cooling capabilities that can be .........

Used tyres

Even though used tyres can be considered as a headache there are multiple ways of upcycling them. Check them out!

Chemical products

Chemical products, by-products of chemical processes or .....currents? with high concentrations of chemicals may also be upcycled.

Waste of beer production

The waste generated in the production of beer has different reuse options.It doesn't only serve to feed animals!


The world is full of plastics, which is an environmental disaster. Nevertheless, plastics can have a number of additional lives!

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