What is recircular?

recircular is an active and collaborative platform that connects businesses for the valorization of waste as raw materials.
In recircular we give a second life to industrial wastes helping to reduce waste management costs and raw material purchasing costs, creating a positive social and environmental impact.

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We believe in the triple bottom line


The people are in the middle of our concept of a circular economy. Taking care of the environment we also look after our employees and the communities in which we operate. Additionally, new business opportunities arise and new jobs can be created that are more sustainable in the long-term.


In recircular we help you to reduce the environmental impact of your activities giving a second life to the generated wastes that would otherwise end up in a landfill or in another part of the world. The fact of reusing the waste streams or by-products as raw materials reduces the environmental impact avoiding the landfill as well as the extraction and processing of "new" raw materials.


Businesses can reduce their costs by giving a second life to their waste streams and by-products. Businesses can avoid the costs of waste management and save on raw materials acquiring secondary resources, additionally limiting their dependency on extracted and imported resources.

What is the Circular Economy?

In recircular we believe that the circular economy gives an answer to the social, environmental and economic needs of the businesses and ensures their sustainability in the long-term. recircular works in the area of industrial symbiosis that can be framed within the circular economy and fulfils the principle of the waste from a process becoming food or raw material for another one. But the circular economy is much more than that! The video below from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation explains it beautifully.

This video explains everything!

Practical cases

Bread and bakery waste

The waste of the bread and bakery industry have different uses. Among them, the transformation in biopolymers for packaging.

Metal dust

Metal dust is a very common waste in some industries.In the present case we can upcycle it to produce elevator counterweights.

Cork caps

Cork caps are very usual in our daily lives and, although they generally end up in the waste bin, there are better uses for them.

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